Welcome to CEFC

CEFC is a place where you can develop your faith in Christ and love for others. We offer practical teaching from the Bible as well as programs and special events for children, teens and adults. We are active in the community by reaching out to individuals in need and assisting a variety of local organizations.

Our vision is “All of Life for Christ,” meaning that we are committed to living every aspect of our lives for Christ. Whether we are at home or work, with our neighbors, or in our community, we want to live with a focus on the person of Jesus Christ. We want our relationship with Christ to affect the way we do everything – to motivate diligence and honesty at work; and love, acceptance and forgiveness with friends, co-workers, family, and the world at large. We want to be involved in our community, helping others with their physical and spiritual needs, teaching them about the God of the Bible.