God is calling to us through the Book of Proverbs to come and get wisdom. What is wisdom? Wisdom means knowing how to navigate life, how to respond to complicated people and situations, and most importantly, how to be godly in the midst of it all.

Proverbs are not promises. Nor are they rules. Proverbs are sayings that give us more of a “rule of thumb” that we can take to God and ask Him how and when these sayings apply to our lives. In other words, Proverbs does not give us instructions to carry through life on our own. Instead, God gives us the Proverbs as the start of a conversation with Him about life.

Proverbs puts us in touch with the person and wisdom of God. How can you use the journal to read Proverbs? Easy. Read one chapter each day of the month. On the first day of the month, read chapter one. On the second day, chapter two. Each day before you read, pray and ask God to teach you what the Proverbs mean and how He wants to apply one of the proverbs to your life today.

Read slowly. Read prayerfully. Read expecting that God will give you guidance and reveal himself to you in the pages of the Bible.

Our prayer is that God would use our time together in Proverbs to give us wisdom, direction and a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.