What is a multi-site church?

A multi-site church is one church meeting in multiple locations sharing the same vision, leadership, and budget.

Why is CEFC launching a multi-site location?

We want to reach people, different types of people, including those who are far from God. Having a campus in another community helps us to reach more people for Christ and encourage them to live out our vision of all of life for Christ.

Common Questions

What about Worship? Our new campus will be launched with it’s own live worship leader and team.

What about the message/sermon? Much like our current 9:00 AM Gathering service, the message will be broadcast via video from the Worship Center each Sunday morning. Occasionally, the campus pastor will give the message.

What about children’s ministry? Yes, we will have an active, vibrant Kids Cove ministry at our new site.

What are the advantages of a multi-site church?

  1. Helps us reach friends and family who are unable to drive a great distance to church.

  2. Brings together the best parts of a larger church and smaller church.

  3. Creates opportunities for people in the church to serve in lots of different ways.

Have questions or ideas for a multi-site location?
Email us at multisite@cefc.church