What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is a small group of 8-15 people who meet together regularly to study the Bible and experience Christian community. Jesus modeled for us the importance of healthy relationships with others in a small group. The first Christians followed this model as they met together often, helping them to become stronger by studying the Bible and living the Christian life in community with others.

Life Groups meet at numerous times and locations throughout the week and are catered towards individuals in various walks of life. Life Groups are encouraged to base their curriculum on Sunday sermons, but may choose a different curriculum according to the needs of the group, under the guidance and oversight of the Life Groups Pastor.

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Why Join a Life Group?

Join a Life Group where time is set aside to explore God’s Word together and have practical, down-to-earth conversations about how to apply it to your everyday life.

Intercession literally means to plead on behalf of others. Be part of a Life Group, where you know people have your back and are praying for you, just as you have their backs and are praying for them.

You will benefit greatly from the close relationships and friendships that develop through getting together regularly with other Christians. No one should go it alone in the Christian life.

In a Life Group, you’ll discover that your life experiences are really not so unique after all, and that others can encourage you as they share their experiences with you.

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