These classes meet each week to offer biblical and practical teaching on how to live “All of Life for Christ.” Feel free to join us anytime! Contact Pastor Trevor with any questions.

Sundays at 9:00 AM

The Book of Mark
Meets in Room 202 / November 12 – May 27
Mark is the ideal Gospel for busy people who want to discover how to make their lives count for God. Led by Mark Murtha.

The Essential Jesus Challenge
Meets in Room 206 / January 7 – March 25
The Essential Jesus Class will help you explore deeper who Jesus is, why he came, what he taught, the meaning of his miracles, death and resurrection, what the Bible says about his second coming, and much more. Led by Pastor Trevor.

The Essential Jesus Reading Plan will take you through 100 carefully selected short readings from the Bible that will help you better understand the greatest story ever told and help you get to know the greatest person who has ever lived. Pick up a Daily Reading Planner in the lobby, or install the Essential Jesus app on your mobile device. Then, set aside time to read the Bible each day and grow from it.

Taking the class or completing the Essential Jesus reading plan will help you get to know Jesus and grow in a personal relationship with him, but doing both together will have the greatest impact. Start the reading plan on January 1st and join us for the class beginning on January 7th.

Sundays a 10:45 AM

Evangelical Convictions
Meets in Room 202 / January 21 – March 25
God doesn’t call every Christian to go off to seminary, but there are certain matters of doctrine that every Christian should know. We need to be able to recognize what is false when we hear it so that we will not be led astray. Doctrine is often more important than we realize because what we believe affects how we live.  This class will explain and discuss the doctrines we teach at the CEFC and how they impact the way we live every day. Led by Pastor Keith.

Five Things God uses to Grow Your Faith
Meets in Room 205 / January 14 – March 25
Imagine how different your outlook on life would be if you had great faith that God was with you and was planning to leverage everything that happens to you for your good. Join us as we explore the five things God uses to grow strong faith. Led by Russell Robinson.

Seven Habits of a Healthy Marriage
Meets in Room 206 / January 7 – March 25
Explore seven habits that are critical to having a healthy marriage. With DVD teaching by Dr Eric Scalise and great discussions, this class will strengthen your marriage. Led by Penny Sheriff.